BUGUS – Straight To The Top

BUGUS – Straight To The Top

BUGUS – Straight To The TopBUGUS – Straight To The Top Mp3 Download

BUGUS Drops new track Straight To The Top, a song produced by Russ

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got As in the classroom
i was still rollin dice in the bathroom
came alive in 99 been doin my thing n atlanta since Shareef Abdur Rahim
always knew in time it would b done
vision playin in my mind like a re run
before it happened seen it all
like I gotta crystal ball

when I walk in its
Straight to the top
we aint gotta talk get
straight to the top
cream will rise
straight to the top
came in the game went
straight to the top

i plan on things goin better than i plan
plan on shows overseas im the man
plan on gettin my respect
plan on catchin all these checks
plan on helpin out the fam
you know im clearin all these debts
and im livin unrealistic
dont ever get it twisted


my life is so precious
so do not waste a second
of my time or ill get reckless
until u get the message (2x)


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