$UICIDEBOY$ – New Chains Same Shackles

$UICIDEBOY$ – New Chains Same Shackles


Another day waiting for death
Every day that i waste on my list of regrets
So, i tell myself “it’s okay. day after next, we’ll make all these
Arrangements to change. you can better yourself.”
I know i’m wasting my breath as i inhale
I know i’m escaping my death as i inhale
I can’t recall why i’m suffocating
My lungs are failing
Please go help my son Jessy Valles
Known as @yungxjezzy
That’s his Instagram user


Step into the mind of a cut throat
Empty streets
Cold weather
All alone
Blackness, grey air
Just snow
Feelings low being followed by crows
Call list overflowed with hot lines
Drug help, mental, $UICIDE
Feel tired, feel dried and you want to die
Pride fried
Closed eyes and you start to cry
Swear i spent a lifetime trying to get it right
Still isolated
Still out of sight
Keep my dreads swinging like they in a fight
I just wanna kill everyone in sight
Take the money
Take the bitches
Take the drugs
Take the gold
Baby let me decompose
Never names said more shade spit
Ima see you one day that’s a promise

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